Having published essays, articles, and short stories in various journals, magazines, and newspapers, Erik has spent the last two years completing his first book.  It is a collection of true first-person narratives from exceptional moments in Erik’s life.  The working title is, Human Moments: The Extraordinary Adventures of an Ordinary Person’s Search and Discovery of Meaning. The book is in pre-publication editing. Updates to follow when book is available.

Do you have a story you want told? In the age of 10,000 photos, sometimes 1,000 words creates a much more emotional connection to an event.  If you have a moment or time-period that you would like written in story form, Erik can do this for you. It can be about you, or a story you know in detail about a friend, family member, or ancestor.

Guest blogging, article, and essay writing also available upon request.  Erik’s topics of expertise include: travel, motivation & success, education (particularly TESOL/TEFL/ESL), business development, adventure, mountain climbing, motorcycle riding/clubs, martial arts, anthropology, culture, and more…

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