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Having published essays, articles, and short stories in various journals, magazines, and newspapers, Erik has spent the last two years completing his first book.  It is a collection of true first-person narratives from exceptional moments in Erik’s life.  Read More…


Erik has addressed crowds ranging from small to thousands in the USA, Japan, China, Thailand, India, Germany, France, Sweden, Spain, the United Kingdom, French Guiana, Algeria, Australia, and New Zealand. Erik has also received honorariums and awards…  Read more…


Erik loves his life, and he hates seeing some people accept mediocre as normal. These individuals are often smart, talented, and capable, but they’ve been lulled into a rut like a frog not noticing the slow change of water temperature from warm to boiling.   Read more…

Language Linq

If you are in individual or company who sees a need for English improvement in the workplace, you need to see this! Erik’s company, Language Linq is a focused training program for professionals who need to improve their English.

ESL Boot Camp

If you are an ESL student or ESL/EFL teacher or administrator, you need to see this! Erik’s company, ESL Boot Camp, is a high-intensity training program for English as a Second Language students and teachers.

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