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Erik has traveled to over 80 countries around the world and all 50 states in the USA, and he’s lived in France, Japan, Thailand, French Guiana, Washington State, Virginia, Alaska, and California.

Learning from different people as well as having time to think are the driving forces for Erik’s desire to travel.

Erik forged a life filled with extraordinary feats. He went from flunking the second grade to graduating high school with a below-average GPA to flourishing at Green River College to graduating with highest honors at UCLA and attaining his Masters from the University of Virginia.

Erik has ridden a motorcycle on six continents and crossed the USA on one twice, and he’s summited of the highest mountain of eleven countries and nine states. He also has extensive experience teaching at the university level and working in business development, and he still pursues an adventurous lifestyle with his family.

Life for Erik isn’t perfect, if a “perfect” life even exists, but starting out in an average middle-class family in an unassuming suburb of Tacoma, Washington, Erik ended up finding an amazing path in life.  This achievement wasn’t accidental, and Erik now enjoys sharing what he learned and how he applied a multi-perspective awareness and non-linear approach to reach his goals which naysayers claimed were impossible.

Erik attributes the extraordinary accomplishments of his life to a well-balanced focus on his Mind, Body, and Spirit.


Erik didn’t start out as a good student, but by the time he was seventeen, he was reading up to two books a day. The topics of these books ranged from philosophy to comedy, from modern to classics, and from literary to scientific. His home library is made up of over 3,000 books (almost all of which he’s read). His current reading list is mostly composed of biographies, success strategies, gratitude, entrepreneurship, and mountaineering. Another aspect of the development of Erik’s outlook are his experiences living with people in Europe, Asia, Africa, and over six months with the Wayana Indians in the jungles of South America.


Although a manic studier, Erik also believes in the relationship between the Pen and the Sword, meaning that he thinks the physical is equally important to the mental. While growing up, Erik participated in soccer, baseball, football, ice hockey, cycling, fencing, and boxing, and he became serious about martial arts in college when he trained with Sifu Dan Inosanto, Bruce Lee’s best friend and protégé. Erik has not stopped training some form of MMA, Kickboxing, Karate, or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since. Erik also loves surfing and climbing mountains where he tests his body by pushing it to extreme limits.


Erik is a very strong believer in the ability for humans to do extraordinary things, but he attributes every success and failure as a gift from God. Erik revels in the feats he’s accomplished, but he maintains that none of them could have been possible without God’s blessings. Erik strongly believes that prayer, meditation, and an almost constant gratitude for everything he’s got are fundamental aspects to the joy he feels in his life and the satisfaction he gets from sharing goodness and actively seeking out ways to do positive things for other people. Erik’s mission is to help others realize that reaching big goals is possible.

The Healthy Balance

Erik certainly isn’t faultless. He’s written essays which were rejected, he’s been in fistfights and lost, he’s had child-like temper tantrums, he’s been depressed, he’s had addictive tendancies, and he’s been selfish. However, for the most part, Erik has led a healthy life of working hard, succeeding in endeavors, and loving his path. Although there have been ups and downs, he’s currently riding high on the beautiful wave-of-life all the way to the beach. If you think your life could use a bit more of a positive balance, Erik might be able to provide the encouragement you need to find it . . .

Four components Erik attributes to transforming an average person into an Extraordinary Person


Attacking life with resolve and determination acts as a momentum that doesn’t allow negativity and desperation to stick. An intentional being makes existential and everyday decisions with conviction.


A very important ingredient to an extraordinary life. This doesn’t mean pursuing only one thing, but a laser-like attention to central goals and continued self-refining leads to reaching dreams.


Society has forged many unquestioned rules which many people grow up following blindly. These limiting norms should be questioned and consciously reviewed. Breaking certain rules can lead to great outcomes.


Continually looking at all things from multiple ways of seeing, or multiple perspectives, creates an innovative edge seemingly invisible to many individuals who are going through the motions of life without living to their potential.

If being intentional is like aiming an arrow, and breaking rules is like releasing an arrow when you choose, focus is watching the arrow hit the target and continually adjusting the sequence until the arrow consistently hits a personal bulls-eye. Once on target, innovation is finding ways to reach the target with less effort or hitting multiple targets at once. If you want to learn more about the process Erik used to create a life of extraordinary adventure, success, and joy, you can…

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