Erik loves his life, and he hates seeing some people accept mediocre as normal. These individuals are often smart, talented, and capable, but they’ve been lulled into a rut like a frog not noticing the slow change of water temperature from warm to boiling. Erik has an almost manic desire to “wake people up” from this and remind them of their youthful (and achievable) expectations. 

Erik’s philosophies on living well are driven by his own experiences traveling to over 80 countries, spending time with vastly different people from around the world, and studying success formulas from classic entrepreneurial and motivational giants such as Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Stephen Covey, John Piper, Tony Robins and contemporary innovators such as Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Vishen Lakhiani, and Tim Ferriss.

 If you even think there might be more to life than you have (even if you have everything you need), Erik strongly believes he can make a positive impact in your life. Immediate and amazing positive changes are possible. Following simple techniques he’s learned or discovered, Erik proves that happiness is possible. You can have this too.

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