Erik has addressed crowds ranging from small to thousands in the USA, Japan, China, Thailand, India, Germany, France, Sweden, Spain, the United Kingdom, French Guiana, Algeria, Australia, and New Zealand. Erik has also received honorariums and awards for his speaking presentations. 

Due to a recent desire to share what he’s learned through travel, meeting people, studying culture, creativity, adventure, business, education, motivation, and success, Erik’s ambition is to share the positive perspectives he’s learned with others.  One of Erik’s biggest themes is taken from Elon Musk’s statement, “I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary.” 

Erik is available for speaking engagements including classroom visits, orientations, graduations, company visits, conventions, practical and motivational speeches, workshops, seminars, or appearances tailored to an organization’s wishes. 

The content of each presentation is unique to an event and audience, but one thing remaining consistent is Erik’s infectious positive energy.

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