Having published essays, articles, and short stories in various journals, magazines, and newspapers, Erik has spent the last two years completing his first book.  It is a collection of true first-person narratives from exceptional moments in Erik’s life.  The title is, Ordinary to Extraordinary: Stories of Exotic Places and Remarkable People & How Belonging and Purpose Can Transform Your Life. This is the first of two books about Erik’s adventures. The working title for the second is Human Moments: The Extraordinary Adventures of an Ordinary Person’s Search and Discovery of Meaning. Erik’s first book is available on Amazon and other retail outlets.

Erik can also write for you. Guest blogging, article, and essay writing also available upon request.  Erik’s topics of expertise include: travel, motivation & success, education (particularly TESOL/TEFL/ESL), business development, adventure, mountain climbing, motorcycle riding/clubs, martial arts, anthropology, culture, and more…

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